OMG It's the Gnome

Let me start off by saying: Did you know Gnome will respond to you while she is scanning? When Gnome joins your channel, addressing her by name will make her reply based on what kind of message you throw at her! You can even use any of the in-game commands while she is scanning!


  • PingGnome is considered a girl, but is also referred to as a he and it.
  • She runs on Stealthbot 2.6R3 with a custom built plugin system.
  • She will not be upgrading to Stealthbot 2.7
  • She cannot collect information for users in The Void; Stealthbot does not support this.
  • Logs are recorded and stored, but dont worry, a scanner goes through the 15mb daily logs and removes anything that is not quote related.
  • PingGnome@USEast's ghoul icon was acquired by the owner of, Dan!
  • PingGnome@USWest's huntress icon was acquired by the chieftain of Clan R1SK, Color-Crazy!
  • The Gnome bots are hosted off a home computer, not a VPS.
  • She has seen many other "under-cover" gnomes.
  • She has no official clan. Whatever clan she is in on your gateway is a clan that has agreed to be her home :)
  • The Gnome project was officially started November 20th, 2007.
  • The project was originally hosted on a laptop with a cellular connection, but now uses a dedicated server and DSL.
  • The product Gnome uses varies realm to realm. USEast she uses ROC, and USWest she uses TFT.
  • If Gnome sees a trivia question, she will atempt to answer it.
  • If you talk to Gnome, she will reply to you. If she asks you a question, try answering it!


Coming soon eventually! Maybe? Probably not..