Back from the dead (sort of) April 20, 2018

Don't get too excited, PingGnome will not be making an appearance on any time soon. It is only the site that has been resurrected from an old backup (from around September 2011), making PingGnome a zombie gnome! Why the trip down memory lane you ask? No reason.. no reason whatsoever.

Commonly seen users April 6, 2010

Added a new page: Commonly seen users. Not really very useful, but perhaps someone will find a use for it.

Domain name! February 14, 2010

I finally decided to purchase a domain name (! And after years of using It was about time, wouldn't you say?

Server downtime January 2, 2010

Over the past 4 days the site has been offline bcause of MySQL, Apache, and PHP trouble. Somehow they all got slightly corrupted and were refusing to work. But alas, it has been fixed and PingGnome is ready for action!

20,000 unique visitors! December 8, 2009

Today marks another record in Gnome's history! Since the site's opening in December 20, 2008, over 20,000 unique visitors have stumbled upon PingGnome. All in all, over 755,000 pages have been dished out.

New trivia channels page November 9, 2009

A new trivia channels page has been added. It lists the top trivia channels.

"Clan dead" bug fix September 29, 2009

A small glitch in PingGnome's code caused some channels to be marked "dead" when they really weren't. This has been fixed and will cause some previously unscanned channels to be scanned.

10,000 unique visitors July 30, 2009

Today marks a record in Gnome's history. Since the site's opening in December 20, 2008, over 10,000 unique visitors have stumbled upon PingGnome (that's 2 new visitors every hour!). All in all, over 392,000 pages have been dished out. Not bad at all says this Gnome.

Old clans remembered July 11, 2009

I've added a oldest existing clans page which shows the alive clan counts broken down by year. Clicking the year will show the clans for that year. This feature was actually here since the site started, but I removed the only page that linked to it... *doh*. It's back now though :)

New comment feature July 10, 2009

A user comments section has been added to the site, as well as on all user, channel, and hosting record pages!

Server downtime June 27, 2009

June 27 through the 29th the server was offline because it was being physically moved.

User rankings extended April 30, 2009

User rankings now lists the top 5,000 users (a great boost from the previous 500).

W3XP User ID canceled April 1, 2009

Warcraft3: TFT games are no longer collected due to the low demand for it, and the fact that I can't find another working WAR3 key. It is highly unlikely that it will return since my server is not cut out for handling 30 additional gigs of game data.

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