Gnome auto answers trivia

If Gnome sees a trivia question while scanning, she will atempt to answer it; limit 1 answer per channel. Although there is no real purpose for this feature, it does break some insanely high streaks that some people have going, because they are playing trivia alone.

This type of cheating is retarded, so I believe this feature is a good thing, even if it breaks your streak of 500. If you want to cheat that bad, use a program such as Microsoft Access or MDB Viewer Plus to open ST_users.mdb and change your score.

Here are a few of the highest streaks Gnome has broke. I truly feel sorry for upsetting these people, but I mean come on, what are they trying to prove.

[09-19-2008] [15:51:10.735] [USWest] <Trivia-1337 Sweet! PingGnome, you broke Motion-Man Streak of 300!> [10-14-2008] [08:43:10.948] [USEast] <BAMF[Trivia]> Sweet! PingGnome, you broke WD-DepShet Streak of 175! [11-03-2008] [07:27:56.000] [USEast] <13s_league_ops> Sweet! PingGnome, you broke deded_by_pollo Streak of 150! [12-20-2008] [17:32:00.156] [USWest] <ClanWotIBot> Sweet! PingGnome, you broke Krassh_WotI Streak of 117! [12-23-2008] [12:57:31.265] [USEast] <ib_trivia Sweet! PingGnome, you broke NightElfSoldier Streak of 478!> [02-09-2009] [03:22:12.453] [USEast] <ib_trivia Sweet! PingGnome, you broke Ashleys_Man918 Streak of 144!>

It's called Anti-Trivia?

The main purpose of Anti-Trivia is to answer trivia questions as fast as possible to prevent others from answering. Why would I want to do this? If I don't have access to turn off trivia, auto answering questions will certainly discourage users from attempting to play, thus in a way trivia has been turned off. Evil, I know.

Since the addon is rarely used, I decided to incorporate it into Gnome, just for kicks. Gnome will even add new questions she sees to the database, providing she sees the answer as well.

Lookup an answer (currently 307,657 answers)

If you want to cheat in a trivia game, feel free to. I'll even help you by providing question lookup service. This is a question search, not a keyword search. It is meant to return a specific answer, not many answers.