A peek into the life of a Gnome

Ever wondered what the chat looks like from the side of a Gnome? Well my dear friend, perhaps this will grant you some insight. This webbot is a plugin for StealthBot.

Note: Current channel name, join/leave messages, current clan tag, error messages, and some messages that Gnome sends are not shown while the bot is scanning. Any name or message that has the current clan's name in it will be blanked out.

A word about this page

These webbots use AJAX to load pages in the background to get the latest information, and then process it using javascript, which may consume a lot of CPU on your end (up to 100%). The content is refreshed every 3 seconds, which includes both the chat and channel list (they both come in the same request).

Please keep in mind that this page has only been tested in Firefox 3 and Internet Explorer 7. If you use a different browser, this refresh process may not work; however all of the current content is displayed when the page first loads.

Like what you see?